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Suppliers and Installers of Royal Grass®

The market leaders in Artificial Grass



*  Lawn, balcony and terrace


*  Soft playing surface


*  Exhibitions (decoration)


* (Indoor) Office gardens



Unique V-Shaped grass fibres


Unique Mint Technology


Fine and flexible grass blades


Feels soft


35mm tall grass blades


Fitted with supporting rootzone


Fresh, summer green colour


Extremely suitable as a soft

playing surface for children


Warranty on colour fastness



Leader in 2012 & 2013.  Why is Royal Grass Silk35 so popular?  First, this artificial grass is incredibly soft and looks lovely and full.  Grass as it's meant to be.  A pleasure to walk on and beautiful to look at.  This artificial grass, which has a light brown synthetic rootzone, is right for you if you favour a luxurious appearance.  It is as good as grass, if not even better!


The unique features of Royal Grass are the special V-Shape fibres and the Mint technology.  This patented shape and micro nerve technology (Mint) - makes the fibres stand up correctly.  The fibres with the v-shape and mint technology stay more upright for longer than other blades of grass that don't have this technology.


Since its introduction, Silk35 has been popular and it was the absolute top product again in 2013.  Because Low - maintenance grass that is also lovely and soft gives double the pleasure.


The summer green colour is attractive and the light brown synthetic thatch gives it an additional natural aura.  Success speaks for itself and we can state with confidence that this colour appeals to the largest number of people.  Through the combination of fresh green and olive - coloured blades of grass, the colour is bright but not too conspicuous.  


Do you have no idea which colour of grass you prefer?  In that case, take note of the colour differences in grass in Spring or at the end of Summer.  In Spring its a fresh green, sometimes almost luminous, because the blades of grass are just starting to grow.  In Summer the grass colour moves towards olive green, because its moisuture content decreases.  Your personal preference is the decisive factor here.  You can of course ask for a variety of samples, so that you can make your own comparisons.


The term 'artificial grass with rootzone, thatch or mossy wire' emerged a few years ago when this was a new development.  The majority of products now include this feature.  Most companies speak about artificial grass as these are the only products they supply.  Royal Grass supplies artificial grasses with and without a thatch.  The advantage of a thatch is that, apart from visually attractive, it supports the blades of grass so that they stand up properly.  Although you have probably heard or read contradictory reports on this subject, we would advise you to spread a fine layer of sand in the grass.  Read Royal Grasses instructions on sand filling for advice.  


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Royal Grass Silk35 artificial grass
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