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Royal grass silk25 artificial grass

Silk25 is the most economical artifical grass in the Royal Grass range (for private use). Silk25 looks really natural with its v-shaped fibres, mint technology and brown synthetic moss infill. We are keen to meet the demand for a cheap artificial grass, but the products must still look as natural as possible thats why we have chosen Silk25 as part of our range of artificial grass.



Unique V-Shaped grass fibres


Unique Mint Technology


Fine and flexible grass blades


Feels soft


25mm tall grass blades


Fitted with supporting rootzone


Fresh, summer green colour


Extremely suitable as a soft playing

surface for children


Warranty on colour fastness




Lawn, balcony and terrace


Soft playing surface


Exhibitions (decoration)


(Indoor) Office gardens



Even though Royal Grass Silk25 is the cheapest artificial grass in the Royal Grass range, no compromises have been made as regards appearance.  The grass is made up of several colours.  The green blades of grass are in two colours - summer green and olive green.  This can best be compared to grass in late summer .  Not the bright green of fresh new blades, but grass that is well - maintained and properly fertilised.


Artifical grass is always green in winter.  Thats's attractive but it also means that its more noticeable in winter.  After all, who has a beautiful green lawn in winter?  We advise this colour type if there is little evergreen cover in your garden, as your lawn shouldn't come across as being unnatural.

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Silk25 is a turf with a soft and flexible artificial grass fibre.  The height of the fibre is 25mm. As a result it looks neat and well-mown.  Its slightly less soft than its close relation, Royal Grass Silk35, but its still delightful to walk on barefoot.  One advantage of its shorter length in combination with the mint technology is that it stands up well and is not as quickly flattened.  Royal Grass Sik25 has a good price/quality ratio.  


Royal Grass is produced in Europe (Holland) and is guaranteed safe for people and the environment.  No heavy metals or other environmentally unfriendly substances are used in this artificial grass or in its production process, although with this type of turf we want to meet the demand for cheap artificial grass we make no concessions regarding safety or the environment.


Artificial grass is a turf.  It can be rolled out like carpet.  A certain number of rolls of turf need to be put together, depending on the surface area.  Its clear that a 'carpet' can be vulnerable when subjected to intensive use.  From experience we know that artifiical grass enhances your enjoyment of your garden - no matter if its cheap artificial grass or expensive - to such an extent that is bound to be used intensively.  To ensure that your artifiical grass has a long life and to safeguard its appearance, we recommend that you spread a thin layer of sand in your grass.  This is not obligatory, given that the quality of the artifiical grass is high enough for normal use, but we heartily recommend it.  If you would like to know more about this? Then read Royal Grass's information about fill sand on the Royal Grass website.


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