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fMy name is James sheridan and I would just like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I ended up supplying and installing top quality artificial grass in Northern Ireland. My journey started when I was a child and I used to go out with my parents on day trips throughout Northern Ireland, I would gather little wild plants and bring them home to grow in our garden. When I left school I got an apprentiship in horticulture with belfast city council Parks Department, were I learnt about the issues of gardening. Upon completion of my gardening apprentiship I continued with the Parks Dept. for another nine years, in that time I was mostly working as a supervisor, a groundsman and a greenkeeper. Using the knowledge which I had learnt I set up my own buisness in 1995 and established a good name in the industry as a commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance contractor. Several years later my wife called Gill brought her skills as an office manager into the buisness and our administration and customer services abilities moved into a proffessional level. A few years ago Gill bought another smaller landscaping buisness called Golden homes Landscapes. Golden Homes Landscapes is a gardening buisness that has a client base that is mostly in the Belfast, Carrickfergus and Newtownabbey areas. We offer the following services in a trustworthy and friendly fashion: Grass cutting, hedge cutting, weed control, tidy ups, paving, decking, turfing etc. In Golden Homes Landscapes we mostly work for private homeowners and we are looking to extend our services to new clients if possible. Golden homes landscapes has many long term custommers who have been utilising our services for many years.

James Sheridan Contracts Ltd. is as the name suggests a limited company, that is vat registered and has ten million pounds of insurance cover, this is because some of the large contracts we work on require this level of cover. In our time we have worked for government, schools, health boards, housing trusts, land managment companies, builders, factories and private customers. We can work to detailed architects plans or we can produce landscape designs according to your requirements and budget. Over the years I have personally grown in my skills and also in the team that I have built up around me. We are competent and so can competetively quote for jobs relying on our skills to  be cost effective when pricing landscaping jobs.

Over the years we have turfed thousands of gardens for private homeowners and builders. We buy our turf from Evergreen lawns who are one of the countries principle roll out lawn suppliers. Their turf is good quality and we can supply and lay Evergreen lawn turf at very competitive rates. Turf leaves a lovely instant lawn that is weed free and has a healthy sward, but ofcourse you have to cut your grass regularly and get periodic lawn maintenace carried out to keep it looking like a healthy lawn can.

Artificial grass or as some people call it fake grass or fake lawn, synthetic grass or synthetic lawn or even astro turf or 3G. Ofcourse the latter two come from the world of sport, 3G being the third generation of quality sports artificial grass and astroturf being a brand name much like what Hover is to vacumn cleaners. Astroturf is not the proper name for artificial grass but admittedly its the name that many people know artificial grass by. When I first looked at artificial grass many years ago it looked like greengrocers grass, something you would set vegtables on for display purposes. Artificial grass has come along way and people are starting to realise the quality that some artificial grasses pocess. When we decided we wanted to diversify our existing landscaping buisness we wanted to source good quality artificial grass that we could sell at reasonable prices. I spent nearly a year looking at artificial grass samples from around the world, before coming to an artificial grass manufacturer called Royal Grass. When their box of artificial grass samples arrived I was astounded by the absolute luxury and quality of every artificial grass sample I brought out of the box. As soon as I saw them I new I needed to get intouch with them. Upon contacting them in their head offices in Holland I realised that this company was very proffessional and friendly.

Royal Grass design and manufacture artificial grass to the highest standards. Their safety testing is done in Germany which means Royal Grass artificial grass is tested and certified to the highest standards in Europe and probably the world. Royal grass are only eleven years old but in that time they have taken the residential artificial grass market by storm. That is Royal grasses specialty luxurious high quality artificial grass for home ownwers and landscaped areas. They also supply artificial grass types for play and multisports applications which are of the highest standards, but were they have excelled is in the production of inovative artificial grass that has no equal in the residential artificial grass market today.

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